By looking at our Jirid (emotion) all the time and checking ourselves.
Each gammatarn will have different effect on emotional stability when applied.

How to get rid of jirid

Lakajirid – If you find yourself that you are looking at people and thinking they are beautiful, and so many people beautiful, being satisfied in sexual feelings, being attached to colours, addicted to food, sound. The emotion that is attacking you is the emotion of being satisfied in the emotion of liking. This is like being attached to beauty. Everything has to be beautiful, everything has to be orderly. People who are attached to beauty is a gilead, it is a blocker to go into charn and cannot go into nirvana. The way to correct this according to the Buddha is to use Asugammatarn and Gaiyakatanusti. You have to evaluate that everything is not beautiful. Not like forcing to see beautiful things as not beautiful. But see in reality, nothing in this world is truly beautiful. Models and beauty pagents all have urine and faeces in the belly. You don’t have to look too much, but when there is urine and faeces, then they are not that beautiful. They have that glowing look that they have because they regularly polish themselves, if they let it go and just don’t do it for seven days, no grooming etc. Can you imagine their condition? In the end when we see this, we have to back off because the real things start to appear. The things from the inside start to leak out. The sweat that we find is dirty is from inside the body. Beauty is from being made up. And will the youth and glow last forever? Over time, it will deteriorate more and more. You have to find the truth, not things to not kid ourselves. People who are born in this day and age like to fool themselves, they don’t want to accept and respect anything real. Anyone who speak of truth are labelled as crazy. Being old is not good, you even lose your memory. In summary to kill lakajirit is to see everything in truth, it is dirty and not beautiful.

Tosajirid – You correct this by Metta from Prumwihan 4 or Grasin 4. Earth element, Wayo – Air element, Water element and Taeso – Fire element. One of the 8 things, Metta, Garuna, Mudita, Ubeka are Prumwihan or 4 Grasin are the device that kill Tosa Jirit, make the jit and jai at peace and stable.

Wittok and Mohajirid – Both are foolishness. Wittok makes you indecisive. Mohajirit is also foolishness because you get lost into thinking that this is mine, that is mine, my place, my grain of rice etc. Not knowing that this will destroy you, not knowing truth. Or losing one self into Nivorn, which leads into the unstability of emotion. For this type of possessiveness, unstability and indecisiveness, the Buddha prescribed Anapanusti gammatarn, just breathe in and out.

Sattajirid (faith) – The people who believe in things easily. Puttanusti – think of the goodness of the Buddha as an emotion, Tummanusti – think of Pra tum (Buddhist teaching) as an emotion and Sungkanusti – think of the goodness of the monk as an emotion, Jakanusti, Seelanusti, Taewatanusti gammatarn as the beginning etc. Think of the 6 gammatarn and practice the goodness think of the goodness that was practiced by the Buddha, as these people believe easily. If you believe then believe in the good and hold on to the good to use.

Puttajirid – Aharaepudiku sunya. This is a more detailed gammatarn, this is because these people are more intelligent. Aharaepudiku sunya means evaluating that everything is dirty, even from the food that we eat. For example, the vegetable that we eat, it is already dirty from the soil, and what else did they put in the soil to make it grow? Faeces and all these dirty things that makes a vegetable. We eat it, and it builds a dirty body like we have. Morananusti and Oupasamanusti can also be used because they are intelligent. However, foolish people cannot think about death as they can mistaken that you are cursing them. They cannot also think about Nirvana as they think that nirvana is zero.

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