Asupagammatarn 10

Asupagammatarn 10

It is setting the emotion to see that there is nothing beautiful about the body, but just dirty and ugly things:

Outumatokasupa – From the day that the person and animal died, the body bloats and swells up with gas.

Wineelokasupa wineelaga (green) – It is the body that has mixed green, red and white colours together. The red colour will appear in the area that has the most flesh, white in the area that has the most yellow liquid and puss leaking out, green in the area where they put the cloth over. Therefore, there is a lot of green all over the person’s body.

Wipupakorasugammatarn – The leftover of a corpse that still continuously has yellow liquid leaking out as normality.

Wichittokasupa – The corpse that is torn in the middle of the body.

Wikayidtokasupa – The body of the corpse that has been fought over and eaten.

Wikidtokasupa – The corpse that has been abandoned for time, until the parts and pieces which includes hands, arms, legs and head detached and spread out all over the place in different directions.

Hodwikidtokasupa – The left- over of a corpse that has been chopped up into big and small pieces.

Lohidtokasupa – The corpse is bleeding as normality.

Puklukwokasupa – The corpse that has maggots crawling and eating it.

Atikasupa – The corpse that has only bones.

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