Born, die, born, die, so now what?


Infinity Peace

Hi, my name is Ying, I am Thai, and was raised up in British boarding schools and education until I graduated from my masters degree of contemporary prose fiction at Kingston University.

My world of Buddhism and spirituality didn’t begin until I was 20 years old. I call myself a fast learner, I had around six different spiritual teachers, all ranging from monks, gifted individuals, professor, and by the time I was 24, I was able to teach Buddhism to my foreign friends. I find that the reason why people in different countries could not understand Buddhism like Thai people do is because of the language barrier, and the deep rooted believe system which had created such a cultural division and confusion of the religion. This has inspired me to teach my religion with the original Pali language and Thai, which is crucial for the accurate understanding. Thailand is a country which is made for Buddhism. Therefore, our language and way of thinking are similar to Pali words, and the Buddhist way of life. I would like to credit my skills and knowledge from the wisdom of my own country, our spiritual culture, my strict practice, and my upbringing abroad which helped me grow the wisdom in myself to share with you.

My aim is to share with you about my religion in a much more wider spectrum than just ‘vipassana’ in books. I would like to invite you to see and be in our world through my materials which will hopefully inspire you to benefit from. I include the authentic and advanced material of Buddhist techniques to help you gain your way towards ‘enlightenment,’ not just ‘happiness.’ The reason why I said ‘enlightenment’ is because the technique will help you improve further in happiness, without going backwards, whereas ‘happiness’ stands a huge risk of you going back to square one.

I first started off writing a book as my avocation, however I now use different sources medias including podcasts, youtube, diary form and articles as my teaching tools to help you learn and enjoy the world of Buddhism.

Building a new root towards
eternal peace and happiness


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