As the world is always unstable, like fire, don’t vibrate with the world, make your jit (heart, mind and soul) like water.

The best way of learning Buddhism is with experience. In fact, Buddhism is in us, in our body, nature of life etc. This incident can teach us many things in one package. What we can see happening right now with COVID19 is the best way to learn about this religion.  The real teaching is not in the bible, the Buddha advised us not to stick to books, but in yourself.  Buddhism teaches us about the truth of nature and how we deal with the catastrophe. Here is a list of what we can learn from it.

Infected people.  The virus is contagious.  It wants to live inside your body.  =  Your body is a nest of/for disease.

Wash your hands all the time = The body is dirty and is dirty all the time.

Wear a mask, the virus is airborne = Where does dirt outside your body come from? Your body.  The body is dirty inside and out as well as diseased

Stockpiling food = Our body’s elements are always in error all the time. The body needs other four elements such as food and water to replace the loss for growth and stability.  This how we are hungry and needing food for the time.  Hunger is our original suffering, food is the body’s survival and will always be our suffering until we die.

Stockpiling toilet roll = As well as taking in the food.  We would need to release the waste out.  It is also another suffering of life we have to endure.

Giving will help eliminate danger in society and yourself, as well as dissolve the boundary between rich and poor = Thai society from different financial status, and background e.g. monks, Michelin star chefs, had been setting up charity tents to give hot food to the financially affected people by the virus. There had been zero report of people who commit crimes driven by hunger.  The people had been collecting money to buy hot food for the doctors and nurses, as well as shampoo and soap.  Whereas in the UK there had been a crime where a nurse was attacked for her NHS badge that gives food discounts in the supermarket and special hours.

The shock of mass death = Life is uncertain, death is certain, we can die individual or together at the same time, it is unpredictable, and the way that people will die is according to their own karma. Sometimes nature will wipe out many people together as seen in accidents, murders or pandemic death.

Death of every age, gender and every day. There was a Chinese newborn baby who died 30 hours after birth from covid 19 as well as middle-aged people, healthy or not, and old people. = People can die every day, any time, some people died inside the mother’s womb, a baby, a toddler an adult.  The coffin is not just reserved for old people.

Death and infections seen in celebrities and priests = Everybody who has a body will have the ability to get sick.  Even with the people who have angels protecting them.  If it is their time, it is their time as everything happens according to the nature of an individual’s karma.

Recovery of illnesses = illnesses come and go.  Everything is subject to change, in the ways that we will not know, in the ways that we cannot control.

Racial attacks and people resenting other people.  = Our body is actually made up of the same things, earth, water, wind and fire that are all dirty and all have to get sick at some point in some way or the other. There is nothing different between the bodies of black people, white people, Asian people apart from just the colour of the skin.  However, people have the ‘gilead’ of ‘moha,’ which is being lost in thinking that their body is more superior, cleaner, and others are below them and dirty because of their colour or class, when, the truth is, all bodies of animals and humans are made up from the same components.

China had the virus and now the country is almost virus free and travel ban lifted = when there is darkness, there will be light.

Some Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, look up to China and follow similar steps in tackling the virus, which includes contact tracing, rounding up the sick people and the suspicious people, also giving strict quarantine to these people, disinfecting the street and putting people at the hospital as soon as the symptoms arrive.  These countries are successful in putting the numbers down and in control.  = Look up to others who are doing better than you.  Don’t be jealous but be inspired to do better.

America criticizing the numbers of death in China = Not everyone loves you in this world, praises and criticism are normal occurances that happen to everyone.

Racial attacks = It comes from the gilead of moha, a foolishness, thinking that your body is more superior than others, cleaner than others. Whereas all bodies are made up of the same things, earth, water, wind and fire, are all dirty have the potential to get sick.  We are all born with this packaged in us.  We are all the same apart from the colour of our skin, and tattoo and decorations which we have acquired after birth.

Most of the cases in Thailand come from the areas which are associated to night life, and gambling making the areas such as the pubs and bars centres in Phuket the centre of outbreak. There was also the most famous super spreader incident which took place at boxing gambling event. = Avoid places like this where there are drinking and gambling going on.  It is a place where no angels are there to protect you, and only low level spirits.

Infected people who are smokers and drinkers are going to have worse symptoms by 14% = People who do not take ‘sigln’ will have health problems. This is associated with sigln 5.

Lokgratum 8 – the parallel realities of life that is natural and

People have jobs/people have lost jobs – Have wealth/Lose wealth.

US loses 500,000 millionaires – Have status/lose status

Some people praise china/ some people hate china – Have praises/criticism

People happy about having their holidays, eating out, seeing people/Unhappy about lock down = Have happiness in gam in (image, sound, taste, smell, touch) /unhappiness when it goes away.

Until something like the pandemic happens we don’t realize suffering. This is because we all have been spoilt with the luxury of having enough money for food and is accessible for us all the time. This is to serve our original suffering which is hunger, then shelter etc.  However, when everything is disrupted, it becomes real. It has always been real, however we don’t think about it, until we have to wait longer for food, have shortages in this and that, and struggle to pay rent.  This is because ever since we were born, survival is a big thing.  This is why we need our parents, go to school to graduate and get jobs, for what? For money to survive ourselves. We have been used to this consistent pattern of suffering, we have learnt to be comfortable with it (provided that we have a steady job, income and shelter), and we were able to alleviate our suffering with quick trips to supermarket, eating out etc.  When the virus came, it came like a hurricane and disrupted our pattern.  We realize that our life is mai tieng, (impermanent, unstable, unpredictable), our mind could not adapt and we become stressed because our nature in life (lokgratum) changed suddenly.  We have anger because we are in denial.  We start placing the blames on people, the system, that will not make a difference. What we do is that we have to look at ourselves, and change.  Just like the Buddha said ‘We have to correct our own negativity.’  What do we do here? Correct our lifestyle. Embodying the thoughts of seeing the body and people’s body as dirty and diseased is something which had been taught in Buddhism for the higher level of enlightenment practice.  Cutting off sungyod, to help people to see reality, not beauty. However, in this situation, we can use it to humble ourselves and to be cautious when around people, keeping the distance and wear a mask.  We can start eating healthily, no drink or alcohol.  For the spiritual and emotional practice, you can use this practice to apply with any events in your life.  

As the world is always unstable, like fire, don’t vibrate with the world, make your jit (heart, mind and soul) like water.

The first thing you can do is:

Neutralize yourself from negativity and positivity. 

Be prepared that these things happen. Practice before it occur. Accept it. Don’t think that this situation has robbed you from money, your life or anything, lokgratum is a natural occurance.  You cannot be upset as it is natural.  The Buddha had taught that these things have to happen to everybody in the world.  Also, death is normal, illness is normal, it is in your face right now but it is a natural occurance that happens every day that you may not see.  You don’t have to be unhappy when everyone is unhappy.  You can rediscover yourself, adopt new hobbies.  Indifference and stillness is the most important.  Don’t think about the future, but just be in the moment is the best practice of happiness.