There are large consequences from gambling. Luckily, I have never been a gambler’s wife or child, but I have been a victim of fraud by a gambler before. I was in no way connected to the gambling world. When I heard what the Buddha taught us about gamblers, it made me shiver that this person who had defrauded me had exactly the same characteristics as what he described.

The sad consequences, as the Buddha taught, apart from losing their wife, children and possessions, as the Buddha said, is just a very small portion of the overall consequences.  When people die, they will be reborn in the hell of deracharn, which means an animal which is not human. Also because of gambling, they become a victim of gambling mafia.  This leads to bigger bad karmic consequences.  The gambler becomes a bad person who commits ‘gai tugarid, mano tugarid, wagee tugarid’ (body corruption, thinking corruption, speech corruption). They commit these corruptions from their body because they have nothing left.  Wagee tudgarid and mano tugarid takes you to the hell as deracharn or praed. All in all, gambling will drag your life down. The Buddha had said that the winner of gambling creates bad karma, and the loser regret the loss. They will be in too much shame to make a public announcement about this. The community will have no respect for these people. Therefore, nobody wants to marry them.  The mafia guy who plays the lottery cannot be in the position to take care of his wife.  Gambling makes the mind go hasty. When we take bad people as friends, we get influenced by them.  They make us become a mafia, a cheat, fooling people with their fakery. Cheating people up front.

There is a saying in Thailand that casinos and gambling ‘burn houses and towns down faster than fire.’

In my own experience, that gambling person had created pain, drama and mistrust faster than any fire that I know. Once I had a fashion stylist whom brought a whole team to do an editorial shoot in my hotel. People respected him as a senior, a very trustworthy person, a harmless person. As he was the one who put everything together, he was the one with the cash, who was supposed to pay for everyone. However, problems started happening, the photographer was paid 5000 baht lower than expected. I had contributed some money into the magazine collaboration budget for the transport, then found out it was overcharged. The make up artist thought he was shady in handling her small change. Pretending to not count it properly etc. In addition, he sent me a fake receipt from the magazine they shot for.  The people were finally able to see the fraud, and it turned out that the whole team were all victims of his fraud game! In consequence, he had lost contact with many people in the industry. This once well loved person has now turned out to be a criminal.  He had lost out on a job to become an editor of a prestigious fashion magazine because they do not want to hire a criminal. He had quickly turned people against himself by causing damages to himself. What was his motivation? Somebody who knows him for a long time in the industry whispered that he was a big gambler for many years.  He used to fly out to England on a student visa, didn’t go to university, only working.  Then he would go gambling at night. Losing a lot of money, he then has to do anything to recuperate that loss, as people are chasing him.

When I heard about this, I was surprised.  Now it all makes sense and matches everything that the Buddha said. He ticked all the boxes of the characteristics.  Gamblers are not to be trusted.

The past karma of the panda bears

In the early 2000’s, Thailand had welcomed panda bears from China to their main zoo. They were the most pampered animals in Thailand. They were the most famous and the most pampered animals in the zoo. They had the privilege of living in an air-conditioned room, which is what most animals and many Thai people don’t even get! A spiritual person saw the past life of these pandas that were brought in to Thailand. So why are they such privileged animals? He told a story that they were once millionaires who loved gambling, which had made them become animals, but because of their philanthropic ways, it had made them become pampered animals rather than the ones that struggle.

Although these things cannot be proven, it is however not far from the truth of what the Buddha taught us.  Sigln is the thing that makes the soul be reborn as humans.  Taan (giving) will result in us having a better quality of life. Gambling makes us become deracharn.  Every animal follows the path of their own karma.