Destiny and horoscope readings would tell us which period of our life that we are going to prosper, and which period we are going to be unlucky.  What we do is we believe in it and panic. Once we panic, it means we are plugging into the bad energy already. We attract the bad things to happen to us, with even more effective than we thought would happen.

So, what constitutes as bad luck? Bad luck is no coincidence. We get bad luck from our thoughts and actions that we have done before, which simply is karma. Bad karma is the consequences of what we have done in the past and present, that results in suffering.  These typically include sickness and illnesses, and obstructions in wealth that have impacted us in this life, which has resulted from the evilness that we have done in the past, or the evilness that we have built-in this life, which causes us heat.

In truth, these are the normal natural karmic experiences in life. Paying back our sin from the past is inevitable and what we all have to go through. In addition, we have to face parting away from our loved ones and death, which had been with us since birth.  We expect to experience these things sporadically throughout the years of our life.  However, there are some periods where it hits us extra hard.

In referral to my diary article, ‘How I went to the Chinese temple to undo my unlucky year,’ the Chinese horoscope can serve as one of the tools to forecast our future, to prepare for and alleviate the effect of the difficult time ahead.

However, the advantage we have over this is that these ‘bad lucks’ only happen on the outside. We can control how we feel inside of our self in these situations. This has an extended benefit as the jit is also an energy.  If you tune the jit in the right way with punya, (wisdom) awareness, and emptiness, we can choose what will affect us emotionally, and what we choose to concentrate on to alleviate the situation.

An unlucky year is a year where you may do a bit more on the outside to correct unluckiness however, you keep on going with your good deeds on the outside and the practice of the jit on the inside, as you do normally, every hour, every day, all day long.

Therefore, the approach is to not believe in the unlucky year.  If you plug into the ‘believe’ in your system, it will draw everything to you! Just as how your spirit is plugged into your illness, you will be sicker than if you don’t pay any attention to it.

There is no ‘Toh’ year.  If we don’t plug into the suffering, nothing can do anything to us. The suffering is there to learn.  If there is no suffering, then do not become wiser.  You have to release the negative energy quickly, when you receive it.  We don’t have to receive everything the fortune teller tells us. There are many hundreds of different things in life that come to us.  Whatever we choose, it is up to us.  We make our own destiny. You just have to think that you want to do something. It will happen and follow us immediately. Our thoughts connect to everything.

Therefore, you have to be aware of your good and bad thoughts.  This is the practice of samatithi. Keep inside the manner of being relaxed and empty all the time. Let the nature organize the flow. However, people use thoughts to organize all the time. This can turn into rush and desperation. Does it succeed? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But when nature organizes, it will be exact.  We will know the future.  We can be ready. Being aware of this is the most important.

The future is the present in planning. Keep good plans, think about it again and again, the spiritual world will note it, and it will organize by itself.  Therefore, we have to be careful to not mess up our thoughts.

The wish is also important. For example, if you want to go on the path of enlightenment, and you want to open your eyes to see dharmma, you can say ‘By the power of puttakun, tummakun, sungakun, bunn guson,’ that I have done, I wish that my eyes will see tumm. This is like underlying yourself that you will go in that direction. It will put you into the positive energy and bring you to that direction.

Have no fear when things happen. Think of annijung, tukkung and annata.  The events are not permanent.  You will just go through some hurdles of events that will have an end.  So don’t get mad about it now, because in six months time you will not likely to still be in the same position, and you will have the same emotion that you are feeling.  They only happen on the outside too.  You can be in debt but a lot more blissfully happy than someone who is rich. Nothing is stable, just like energy.  Toh year suggests that you throw out your underwear and your bedsheets.  There is no explanation, however for us we understand It has to do with throwing old energy away, and refresh it for a new beginning. If you are sensitive to old energy, it can make you ill.  Other advices are crossing over sea. This can just be to Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, or Bangkok to Koh Samui, not necessarily to different countries. Also moving your bed in other directions. Move the energies around.

I wish everyone a happy New Year and best of luck for the future!