Why is Thailand the country of enlightenment?

I have come across one hymn before which includes the Buddha’s statement that ‘one has to be in the right country.’ In this context, it meant that one has to be in the right country for Buddhism practise or enlightenment.

There was another more recent reference, which came from a monk who said something similar, but this time it is ‘Thailand is the easiest country for enlightenment’.

So why is that?

The answer does not just come from our teaching and practice. It also comes from something in the country that makes you feel somehow more relaxed and happier when you spend your time here. It may be the sun, but there is something far more unique, in this land of smiles.

It is our position in the centre of the equator.

That is right, our position on this Earth is one of the biggest factors to our enlightenment and happiness.

It is because there are positive and negative magnitudes dominating the pressure of the air everywhere. As Thailand is in the centre, we enjoy the privilege of having a balanced pressure. However, in the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, and others that are closer to the very top of the northern or southern hemisphere; these countries are characterized by extreme heat and cold in seasons, or hot in the day but cold at night, suffering from having imbalanced pressure. In these countries, there is more negative pressure dominating the atmosphere from above, which serves as obstruction of enlightenment or general happiness. The chance of enlightenment in these countries is very difficult, to non- existent.

People living in south-east Asia countries such as Thailand, India and Burma have more chance of enlightenment as they are in the centre of the equator, therefore have more balanced energy.

Living in the cold is a lot of suffering. Therefore, Thai people are very lucky, even though we have political and economic problems, but in spiritual ways, we have it easier. In the Western countries, there are better facilities, the way of life is easier, however at heart, people are not ok, and there is a lot more suffering. Asian people are happier, even if we are not as rich. We have balanced hours of day and night, the weather is warm, and most Europeans and Scandinavians that come holidaying here love it. In the winter of the northern hemisphere, people are more suppressed from the increasing amount of negative pressure, which is one of the reasons why people get winter blues.

Our equator position explains why Thailand is the centre where most arahant monks come from, why people have more success in enlightenment, why there are people with special spiritual powers, but in other countries, there are not so many. Also, why there are many natural minerals with spiritual powers such as Lek Lai. Burma is also another country that shares the same benefits, and also Laos. However, the political problem in Burma has meant that the spiritual practice of Buddhism has become more difficult. India nowadays has mostly been dominated by other religions, which makes Thailand the central hub of enlightened souls.

(Picture: Leklai)

So how do other people in other countries have a chance of enlightenment?

If you have a chance to come to Thailand, then come to Thailand as often as you can, and practice my energy balancing exercises. In the meantime, practice everything I have taught in the blog, and try your hardest. Take care of your emotions more than your life. Do not plug into feelings. For the exercises, you can practice them in your home country, however, it is easier to come to Thailand and practice them there first, then find a way to challenge yourself once you go back. The reason why I said this is because you will know the best feeling by yourself and know where to tune back to when you go back home.