December. I went away to visit my friend in Hamburg for the weekend. It was cold and rainy, which had made our activities limited to gallery visits and sightseeing in the car, during the day time. The more I see, the more I began to have ideas and visualize where the central point of communities would be, where the people would go in good weather and bring liveliness to the place. There are all-day breakfast restaurants where it would get packed very quickly all day, every day as if people want to elongate their weekend as much as they can, and forget about going to work. The English park would look gorgeous in the summer. I could imagine that there would be families strolling there, and children playing games in the summer. Also of course lovers holding hands in the park and kissing by the famous dock. The red light district is always lively. Greek parties are held at night. If you are lucky enough to know someone, you would be invited to join the vibe and eat incredible food. However, the Christmas markets are there to be enjoyed by everybody in the city. These places are where the tourists and locals flock to, to see the extraordinary displays of traditional Christmas decorations, stalls, food, and everything to do with Christmas.