The swastika – why did Hitler used this sign?

The swastika is the same thing as yin and yang. It is a form of energy that turns and twists back and forth. It is actually a different version of yin yang but it lives in a clearer and deeper dimension. The same energy can have different layers of dimension, just like the Russian dolls, there is a layer inside a layer of inside a layer etc.

The shallowest layer comes in the form of the figure of 8, then the yin yang and then the swastika:

Once the yin yang turns powerfully, it will turn into a swastika, the two lines. What are the lines linked with? They are linked with the gravity of the earth, the latitude and longitude, the straight and the horizontal. The energies in this world are straight and horizontal. The straight one just goes straight from the bottom up and the horizontal one goes across. They come, and collide together in each molecule, and each molecule spreads the energy of gravity, to prevent the objects from escaping the earth. People who discover this will see it once they are in a clearer state, which will make them see in clearer and clear detail, what we call tum in tum in tum etc. If people understand it properly, it is the magnetic energy of gravity, which has a sign everywhere in this world.

The twisting energy of the swastika bears more power than the energy that moves in the straight line, which was first discovered by Thomas Edison. Just like the yin and yang, it also releases the exchange of negative and positive energy, which makes the energy of nature.

Hitler had sent the Germans to learn Buddhism, however, they did not get through to the core of Buddhism, so they took the sign of swastika to be the sign of Nazism, which was a bad mistake.

The energy organizes everything in the universe. Our jit is energy. Everything is a plus and minus. Therefore, good and bad is just an illusion. If there is no good, then there is no bad. You pick that this thing is good, that thing is bad, and then you put everything into comparison. However, in the end, you have to let them all go, put them all down. There is no right or wrong people, no karma or sin, everything is one, which is empty.

Hitler studied energy. He learnt about the energy of nature from many religions, to use, to make war. He used it in the wrong place, like a bomb, you can use it to bomb and kill people, or you can bomb a mountain to use stones from it. What do you want to use the energy for?

Einstein believed that Buddhism is the most scientific religion. He had discovered the atom. He discovered the energy in the atom and used it in destruction. However, before he died, he forgot to use it in a way to end suffering. Buddha and Einstein have discovered the same thing. The power of jit. However, now we can use this to delete karma. Karma is the doing of action, everything is karma. This energy can be used in good or bad. In the end, people need to have sigln, dharmma, rules and law to live together peacefully, but if we do not have them, then we cannot be together. Therefore, sigln happens here. Laws happen here. But in the end, the origin of the jit of human beings is empty. Once we practice more, we will see bunn in a clearer way.

Bunn will bring good things to you. If you do bad things, it will give bad results, like Hitler, who uses the swastika in a bad way. Hitler killed many people. The energy is like two knives. Do you want to use the knife for the kitchen or to kill people? What do you want to use it for? The latter is karma, everything comes back to you. Hitler goes to hell.