The evolution of the deep memory, the suppressed subconscious and suffering, explained in face reading: The prominent forehead.

The ancient Chinese skills of face reading, or what they call ‘Mo heng,’ reveals characteristics about people’s character through their facial features. However, I am going to explore deeper into this, and tell you about the evolution behind the high/prominent forehead that had been culturally seen as the feature of highly intelligent people.

This evolution of the prominent forehead, deep set eyes, and thin face are commonly seen in Europe more than in Asia. This feature is adapted from the deep pressure of the memory that is absorbed very deeply into the subconscious. My past article, ‘Why is Thailand the country of enlightenment,’ stated how people in the European countries are generally unhappier by the pressure of the atmosphere, suppressed thoughts etc. These traits are very strong, and when they are passed down through the genetics and DNA in many generations, the human body will also inherit this into physical from, which shows up in the face, and which is what Chinese calls ‘Mo heng.’

The Western people tend to be more secretive, pressured and suppressed in their thoughts than Thais. If you notice, the best crime films and fiction novels were written by European or American people. For example, works by the father of horror and crime fiction, Edgar Allan Poe, (who also adapted this facial feature) is very intricate. However, Thai people do not have the talent for this kind of thing. This is because our subconscious are not as intricate as them. Sometimes you can watch these films from beginning to the end, and not understand the storyline at all. These people have a lot of energy in their forehead. The main electricity of thoughts is situated in the forehead. Their forehead is thick with many layers of thought and energy. Besides that, the pressurizing atmosphere of the weather, the way of living that is suffering, the suffering of thoughts, the torture of having to put up with it, the suffering of the weather, all feeling come out in the genetics and chromosomes that are inherited throughout the family. Everyone will be the same and have been for many generations. In a way, our facial features serve as an expression of our subconscious, which turns into ‘Mo heng.’ If these people are put in to the position as world leaders, and given a choice to make bunn (merit) or sin, causing heat and unhappiness to people, there is more chance that they will cause sin.

‘Mo heng’ comes from energy. This shows how strong energy has on the effect of people. This is also connected to how the power of the jit has influenced over the four elements. When we practice the jit and change of our energy, our body changes too. We start seeing the improvement of the body, our skin rejuvenate better etc. This is the evolution of energy in human physical form. People are too focused on changing the body, however, we don’t care, we just let go. When our energy change, we change too as people. Therefore, everything is controlled by the flow of energy. Where does the energy come from? It comes from the jit, the thoughts and feeling. The best is to tune into feeling, into the field of relaxation which sends the effect throughout the body.

People who have large concave forehead has a chance of shrinking it. As we understand that the forehead is the centre of thought, these people naturally have used it too much. Once overused, it becomes an error, the physical area becomes thicker, then protrude. There had been a few cases where these people with large concave forehead were interviewed, and it turned out that they actually have a lot going on with their thoughts and emotion. They were stressed, aggressive and revengeful. However, once they practised the releasing of energy, it becomes smaller.

The energy absorbed in their head is very overloaded, just like a battery that has a lot of charges. They can do a lot of work with it. They can use it in the intricate and dark ways, but if one day they use it for enlightenment, then it will be totally different. They will have the advantage as they will have a lot of power, therefore find it easier. Once they start practising, the understanding will come fast, which sets their motivation and determination. Everything will come faster, compared to the average person.