You may have seen in my Buddhism diary and in my past article, ‘Why is Thailand the country of enlightenment?,’ I mentioned about the sixth element that has a presence inside our body, and about the positive and negative magnitude dominating the pressure of the air. In this article I am about to introduce the topic of what the Buddha calls Argadsatard with the explanation of what yin yang is, along with the introduction of winyarnatard, which is the element of the acknowledgement.

There is a common belief that the yin yang is just a symbol of religion as if someone had just made a graphic design logo for a representation of a certain cultural belief system. Yin yang is something that belongs to nature, however, the Chinese did not know how to describe it scientifically, so they describes it by another method, such as telling tales about it, when in actual fact, it is about the energy and comes from here:

This is a drawing of how it looks in the air:


They are the things that move up and down in the air, and is what the Chinese refer to as yin yang. If we compare it to electricity, it is the energy of plus and minus. The electricity in the air is the electricity of exchange. Once they collide together, they will run up and down by themselves. From the bottom to up, and up to down. It is the exchange of voltage.

The middle is the nucleus, the plus and minus. When they run in together, they will turn into a shape like this.

This is the balanced plus and minus magnitude. If we see this running and put the jit on both ends, it will give a motion of back and forth twist, and move towards each other, giving an abundance of energy. The yin yang is the base of everything in the universe, outside and inside us, which is what they call chi. Therefore, the yin and yang is an energy that has a shape a form (rooprak), which comes from the figure of 8. Whenever you put the jit to it, it runs past your head, into your nervous system, through the bottom, and bottom through to the top. If compared to how the monks describe it, it is called winyarnatard and argarda tard. Winyarn means the acknowledgement, which comes and mix in with the earth, water, wind and fire in our body, balance, and bomb in here:

This is the balance of six energies, earth, water, wind and fire, winyarnatard, argard, and will spread out to detox the body from inside and outside to balance together. The weather changes all the time, but if we are not balanced, we will be ill. If we can balance all the time then we will feel light all over. The energy comes straight through the head, the thoughts disappear. There are no more thoughts left as they get spread out. You can feel the benefit of the peaceful jit, the empty jit and charn. Every dimension that it spreads through is a samathi (level of emotional stability) in each level, which will be continuously peaceful, even without practising meditation. The power of samathi is the power of charn that the people call charn 1, charn 2 etc. But you don’t have to practice the sitting down style of meditation to just feel this continuously. Nature will organize this for us, don’t use thoughts to organize nature. That is wrong. The yin yang is something that exists already. Nobody has made it up or studied about it in school. It is something that is continuously running in the air. Only people with special eyes see this. Continuous practice means it will spread away old energies. If you sleep and it seems like you are thinking all the time, cannot sleep, that is it pushing it out. Eventually, there is nothing to think about. It will be empty. The jit will be empty. Empty from the jit is important. It gets deleted, and finish sunya (memory). The jit will be empty and relaxed. You will have happiness. This is the most advanced technique of practising the jit, more advanced than chanting and sit- down meditation etc. it covers the benefit of samathi all in one. There are more inner layers of inner layers to strip off as you continuously touch upon the nucleus. If you practice too much chanting, it is too much determination and too much concentration, which has a negative effect on the body and backfires the progression of your practice.

Once the sky, the human and earth fuse together, they continuously spread out, to become one with nature, and continues to detox off, until you come into the point of nirvana. What is nirvana? It is the condition of the emptiness, which is the energy of happiness, the happiness that has no other comparison.