1. What is the sharpest?

Pram: The knife that has already been sharpened by the stone.

Buddha: The words that discredit others, destroying other peoples hearts is the sharpest.

2. What is the furthest?

Pram: The sun that is at the edge of the universe is the furthest.

Buddha: The history that has already passed many lives and many thousands of years ago is the furthest.

3. What is the biggest?

Pram: The mountain, Earth, the ocean are the biggest.

Buddha: Tanha, the craving that has no end. That is the cause that built chapters and afterlives is the biggest.

4. What is the heaviest?

Pram: Stone, metal, mineral, soil are the heaviest.

Buddha: The promise that is easy to say but hard to do. That promise is the heaviest thing.

5. What is the lightest?

Pram: Cotton, wind, dry leaves.

Buddha: Letting go, knowing in time that things have their birth, it stabilize and extinguish by themselves. This is the lightest.

6. What is the closest to us?

Pram: Parents, relatives are the closest.

Buddha: The death that is chasing us like a shadow of our body is the closest.

7. What is the easiest?

Pram: Eating, sleeping, speaking, breathing is the easiest.

Buddha: Speaking of dharma, sharing the light to others is the easiest, and is very useful to society too.

Once the Pram heard the answers from the Buddha and evaluated with reasoning, he gave himself to the Buddha, willing to practice sigln, became a Buddhist and has the eyes that see Dharma. In addition, he honoured the Buddha by calling him ‘Suttataemanussanung.’ Meaning ‘He is truly the Buddha of all angels and humans.’

The Buddha said “The ones who do not own any possessions or money can help others (give taan) with these five things.”

  • Face that gives – The ability to give a smile to brighten up.
  • Words that gives – Speech to give encouragement, compliment and comfort others.
  • Jit and Jai (Heart and soul) that gives – The ability to open the heart to others with humbleness, respect and sincerity.
  • The eyes that gives – Using the eyes for good intention and care for others.
  • The body that gives – The ability to help others.