One of the things that the Buddha noticed when he reached enlightenment was about the craving of all animals in this world. Our craving gets bigger and bigger, up to the point where we start stealing from others, causing heat and suffering to society. Not only that, but it is also a sin. Sigln has also used a tool not only to prevent people doing sin but also to control the boundary of craving which is what we call Tanha, so that people would not go around and doing these things that we call killing, stealing, lying, adultery and so on and so forth. If someone commits any of these things, they would be breaking the law. Now we will have a look again at the historical situation back in Presicce. Can you guess who would get away doing all these things on a regular basis? It has to be someone who can be above the law, not only that but above the moral ground. It is not a gangster, but it is a King. I could not remember his name but from asking a tour agent, they assumed his name was Gianluca. Gianluca was a King who had a wife whom he was possessive of, and would lock her up on the top floor balcony. It wasn’t a bad view from up there but life must’ve been boring and sad. Yes, sad because her husband had some serious appetite for women. It started with a string of affairs, which you would think is already out of hand for a normal person, but over time it turned into something else. His appetite had got so big that he had made it a law that whoever gets married, he has to sleep with the bride first before they sleep with their new husband. That is totally and utterly ludicrous, right! Who in this world and century could do that now! So you can imagine, people were really not happy about that. Especially, as Italy is a catholic country. Back in the days, most people took their religious values very seriously. And this King just goes and ruins their life like that. I cannot imagine that the people actually liked the King too much anyway. However, this situation had made it really very unbearable. To clarify, the only reason why they put up with him in the first place was because he allowed them to conduct the olive oil business in that town tax-free. So this has become the explanation of why this town had a very high amount of olive oil factories and had become the centre of exportation. The people plotted a plan to kill the king. They dressed in masks to pretend to have a masquerade outside. The King came out to watch over the balcony because he heard the music. As soon as he came out, I did not remember this detail accurately, it must have been with some kind of flying weapon, but they shot something from the ground that hit the king which killed him instantly. That story is the consequence of having uncontrollable tanha, and the karma of sin.