“Birds of the same breed will stay together because of their old karma together. This will pull them close together.”

We are in the world of energy. Everything, even hard objects, that look still and peaceful have vibration all the time. If we look into the anatomy level, the scientists have found this truth, as claimed in quantum mechanics or quantum physics.

However, this is something which the Buddha had actually found out from nearly 2600 years ago, and has explained about this through this dhamma teaching that:

Everything is mai tieng (annijung)

It has to change (tukkung)

It has no self (annata)

These three conditions together are what he calls ‘The law of treiluk.’

The scientists have found out about some parts of this law, which inspired them to conclude that the “jit” is an energy. It is an energy that stays in the ‘roop’ or physicality of frequency that has a vibration all the time, which cannot be seen with normal eyes, but can be sensed and we can benefit from them.

These things can be found in the form of the frequency of the phone, radio, magnet etc.

The condition of human’s physicality is made from these two things:

  • The part that is the body and image that can be touched and seen which we call “flesh,” in dhamma language is “Roop.”
  • The part that is energy, which cannot be touched, is called “the inner body,” which is the energy of radiation which cannot be seen by normal eyes.

The inner body as mentioned here is inserted in the rough body (flesh), the older generations called the inner body, “Gai tip,” monks call this “Nam,” in which the Buddha has explained in detail that:

Nam is made up of:

Feelings (waitana),

Memory (Sunya),

Thought (Sangkarn),

Response to feeling (Winyarn).

The benefit of this dhamma is that it is the law of nature that gives real results, and can be amended for use in every in every day and century.

Have you ever wondered of why in everyday life, we have to meet certain people whom work with? It might be our boss, staffs, boyfriend, partner etc. Or, even people whom we don’t like that much?

This is because we still have “the inner body,” which have vibration in the same level as them. People who have the same frequency will attract the same type of people together.

This is the reason why birds in the same breed will stay in the same group, fly together wherever they go in groups. We will not see eagles flying with swans for example. This is because the birds in the same breed will only stick around together.

Therefore, if the body is in us, and we do not change our vibration, we have to still see these same people.

The way to free away from these people that we do not like is not to gossip or try to change others. However, we have to change ourselves from the inside, which is “the level of frequency.” We have to lift it high up, above the energy of the people which we do not like. This begins by wanting to change “In a good way.”

What we change are “feelings.” If we examine our feelings, we will know how to control our own emotion in the best way that we can to be the person who feels good. These ways can be smiling, being kind, no gossip or spreading bad rumours, being appreciative to the people and things that have done good to you. You can go to the temple, practice samathi, care for sigln, exercise, swimming, snorkeling or gardening etc.

Eventually, once the frequency is high enough, we will not be able to meet these people again. However, the change with make us meet the people in the same frequency. This is how modern scientists describe about the power of “subconscious.” It releases the vibration out automatically all the time in the way that we do not know. People call it “The law of attraction.”

Therefore, if you want to change the world, you have to change yourself first, starting from our “desire,” “knowledge” and “feeling,” then the world around us will change. This starts with the Buddha’s teaching of:

“Not doing any sin, doing guson regularly and purifying one’s jit”.   (The Buddhist’s original ‘bible’ volume: 25)

Taan (giving) – has the effect upon softness and empathy.

Sigln – has the effect upon the behavior.

Samathi – has the effect upon the happiness and calamity.

Punya – has the effect upon the knowledge, understanding of the world and things.

“People who are at the same frequency will pull the same people to be close together,” according to their ethics that is an existing vibration all the time.

This is what we call the miracle of “siglnoubosod.”

There is a quote by a monk Loung phu Toaud from Wat Chang Hai:

“Speak too much – destroy much,

Speak little – destroy little,

Not speaking – no destruction,

Still – Potisud.

Everything in this world

is moving towards

annijung, tukkung, annata.

Everything in this world is moving towards

Its own destruction

No attachment, no suffering, no happiness

Can detach, give peace.”